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Center for Synchrotron Radiation

DELTA - the Dortmund electron storage ring facility

  • Institute: The Center for Synchrotron Radiation is a central scientific institution of the TU Dortmund University. It operates the accelerator facility DELTA as a synchrotron light source for users as well as for research in the field of accelerator physics. Associated to the Center are several members of the research foci "Condensed Matter" and "Accelerator Physics" of the Department of Physcis.

  • Research: In addition to research with synchrotron light at the radiation beamlines, the 1.5-GeV electron storage ring is used for particle accelerator research. Here, students are trained in an interdisciplinary environment comprising, among others, studies of condensed matter, accelerator and laser physcis, as well as applications of artificial intelligence.

  • Studies: In the context of research at DELTA, several lectures and seminars are conducted each semester. In addition, opportunities for thesis work on different topics is continuously offered. All theses in accelerator physics at DELTA since 1988 are accessible (partly password-protected).   

  • Links: Further information on the TU Dortmund University, on research with synchrotron radiation, and on accelerator physics can be found here.



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